Stress control course

Just as everyone has blood pressure, everyone has stress. We all have stress and its part of everyday life, there is no such thing as “no stress”. In fact the top conditions seen by GP’s in the UK are anxiety and depression, which we have seen can be part of stress.

This course (and all the information you will be given) aims to teach you ways to manage your stress, not remove it completely.

The course consists of four sessions and runs weekly at the same time and location on a rolling basis (Ealing Town Hall near the Broadway and Jubilee Gardens Medical Practice in Southall).

Anyone can join at any time and it doesn’t matter if you miss a session, you can simply book on the next one.

You can also make use of the free relaxation tracks below to get you started.

To book a place on the course call 020 3313 5660 or refer yourself through our website.

‘Steps for Stress’ – Relaxation audio

Scroll through the YouTube playlist below to listen to each section.