Couples / relationship counselling

Couples counselling and behavioural couples therapy enables couples to explore their problems in a safe and confidential environment.

What is couples counselling?

The counsellor can help you to understand difficulties in the relationship and work towards a solution in a safe environment. Couples counselling can help you to see problems from a fresh perspective by taking time out to really understand what is going on for both of you.

There are many reasons why couples seek counselling, for example when they are experiencing changes in their life which affect their relationship, such as starting a family, fertility issues, redundancy or bereavement.

What is behavioural couples therapy (BCT)?

BCT is a time-limited treatment for depression for couples where there is both relationship distress and depression in one of the partners.

The BCT model focuses on the relational aspects of depression and on factors that reduce stress and increase support within the couple. The focus of the treatment is on relieving stress and improving communication; managing feelings and changing behaviour; solving problems and promoting acceptance; and revising perceptions.

The aim is to keep the focus on the couple’s relationship without discounting the two people as individuals.